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J. R. Miller

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          Here's a look at what some of KQ4's advertisers had to say about the station.

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             1-Music Millennium     2-Happy Times Advertising & Travel     3-King Harvest Natural Foods

             4-Loading Zone Tavern     5-Vincent Spielman Dances

Here's a letter from the late Don MacLeod, once owner of Music Millennium.
Don was as close to a staff member as you could get.  He was always
turning us on to new music and was one of the great supporters
of KQ4We couldn't have done it without you, Don!  April 4, 1973

Letter from Happy Times Advertising and Travel  - May 1, 1973

Letter from King Harvest Natural Foods  - January 30, 1974
Note reference to gas rationing.

Letter from The Loading Zone Tavern  - March 8, 1973

Letter from Vincent Spielman of Vincent Spielman Dances .
Larry Scott:  "I remember this concert.  Charlie Musselwhite
tore the house apart."  -  March 7, 1973.



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