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       Here are the memories of some KQ4 listeners who have found the site.


Brad Giles - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 27OCT08)

     I can't thank you enough for this site...I am one of your listeners that got 'sideswiped' by quality jocks playing the best music the world has heard since the 1800's. OK, that's JMHO, but after grazing through your site for three days, I feel honored to have been a silent member of such a grand experiment!

     I was just in the right place at the right time: After four years of military-related 'confinement' in Hawaii with my family (whole other story...), we arrived at SEA-TAC and drove a rental to PDX around early June 1974 for a two week stay to await the slow-boat arrival of our pre-shipped car, and purchase a tent trailer to prepare for the sight-seeing road trip to Kansas (family), and finally Dallas, Texas. My parents had made arrangements to stay with their high-school friends at their house in Boring, Oregon. Never a more aptly named town had my 16 years seen (on the surface). But when we arrived, the friend turned out to be an airline pilot and had many 'toys' to keep his own teenagers occupied, so then we didn't mind.

     His 15 year-old son turned out to be as interested in 'unusual' and album-oriented rock and jazz as I was, and HE had a 'Quad' receiver in his room (!!), so naturally he turned me onto his favorite radio station KQIV-FM 'KQ4'. His parents were lenient enough (maybe to keep the peace while we were there, I couldn't say) to allow him to play the radio all nite...Quietly, but who cares...as long as the Floyd, Trower, Santana, ZZ Top, and mixed with the occasional Muddy, Joni, and Miles (and whoever all the one-hit-wonders were) kept playing, we were ecstatic. For me, that became the best two weeks of that entire five week trip. That period was probably an unconscious (on my part) introduction to Pat Metheny who I had the good fortune to meet privately in Wichita, Kansas some 10 years later.

     The only times I missed listening to you in that period were one afternoon when we all went into Portland to check out a two-story pizza parlor that had a live medium sized pipe organ inside, and the last weekend when we all went down to Crater Lake for a shakedown of the tent trailer...designed for eight, slept 12 the first two nights! The best part of that trip for my siblings and I was seeing 20 FEET of SNOW still on the ground after four years of sandy beaches! The rangers chased us down and chewed us out for trash-lid sledding!

     In any event, I want to thank you again for this site. I was grossly unaware of just how tenuous your employment was at that juncture, but am so happy to have been reminded of the station and decided to look and see what was on the web concerning that station's history. I will be glad to send as many viewers your way as I can. At the risk of sounding morose, that was truly a magical time in history, and not likely to ever be repeated. I am so glad to have been exposed to it (even though my wife HATES my album collection!).

Brad Giles


Bruce Bjorkman - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 04 JUL 06)

Having moved to Oregon from the SF Bay Area in 1970, I came fresh from the land of Progressive FM Rock Radio. So it was with much jubilation that my friend Jeffery Clarke, who I worked with at KGAY in Salem, OR. heads up I-5 and lands in Stafford high a top the LO Elks Club with a QUAD STEREO rock FM radio station!

As a senior at Mc Nary High in Salem (class of 73), it was like getting new life, listening to all of the coolest music and hearing buddy "Jump Up Jeff" doing the night shift. I even got to visit a time or two and enjoying a "sweet herbaceous" odor lingering in the on-air studio :-).

What was important is the fact that someone was trying to do something GROUND BREAKING in Oregon radio, and succeeded, if yet for just a couple of years. But it was damn good while it lasted and it is the foundation for at least one sweet radio memory.

Bruce Bjorkman

Host of "Cooking Outdoors With Mr. Barbecue" Saturdays on 750 KXL.


Keith Hanson - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 04 JUL 06)

Thanks for the website. I was laying in bed, 2:30 a.m. (couldn't sleep). and KQIV popped into my head for no apparent reason.

God, I never knew how much I missed real radio, 'til I Googled this page. I won't go into a rant about it, as I imagine anyone who remembers KQIV feels the same.

I remember (through a drug induced haze) listening all hours of the day and night, as I worked rotating shifts at Crown Zellerbach in Camas '72-'74, and enjoyed all the d-js, although my favs were Jeff and Gloria.

Summer of '73 I remember driving to the station and getting the tour at 3a.m. one summer night.
My first hot-air balloon ride was at the Rainer concert-the people looked like ants from the end of that rope. I also remember another "sunbust" at delta park either later that year or early the next.....through the fog of memories...

Kudos to a great site.

keith hanson

p.s. do you have any playlists from the day? I remember so little of the weird - Larry Rasberry, Capt. Beefheart, etc.


Steve Marscham - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 04 JUL 06)

I was snooping around Google checking to see what happened to various call signs from my memory (KJET, KCMU, KYYX all Seattle and then KQIV, KISN, KVAN). I grew up in the Gresham area and was a Freshman in high school at good old Gresham Union High when KQIV went on the air. It was hard to receive the station in the east Multnomah county area, but me and my friends built every kind of antenna imaginable to pull in a better signal. None of us could afford quad stereo gear, but read every article in Popular Electronics that told us how to build decoders (that never seemed to work). Since many of us never could afford FM receivers for our cars, we listened to KVAN until it went off the air at sundown and KQIV while we did our homework with headphones blasting music into our ears.

KQIV promoted the local group Sand, and I still have my two LP set “for continuous flowing sand.” We were big Robin Trower fans and I went to the concert at the Paramount in March 1974; I remember it was his birthday. James Dewar (rest his soul) was fantastic and the house rocked… too bad Ray Manserak opened the show. He was pretty drunk/high and nobody applauded to keep him from doing an encore. I remember Robin simply stepping up the microphone… “Too Rolling Stoned” and the place erupted.

My first exposure to fusion jazz came courtesy of KQIV, Return to Forever with Chick Corea, Jeff Lorber Fusion, etc. WOW! KQIV was the only station to play the whole first side of Santana’s Caravanserai, or a side of Pink Floyd’s Meddle (usually at 2:00am and I would wake up with nightmares… yes, the stereo stayed on all night with a speaker pillow)

It truly was a sad day when the format changed in 1974 to funk. We all mourned in disbelief and for a brief while it seemed we were stuck with only KVAN. KGON picked up some of the slack, but it was never the same. Even with BA or Gloria Johnson moving over, KGON just wasn’t the same.

Well, enough reminiscing, my very best regards-

Steve Marschman

Native Oregonian now Tennesseean


Greg Keller - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 04 JUL 06)

I took As with many trips on the internet, I started out listening to BBC radio 1, a few clicks later and I stumbled across your website.

WOW, what a trip down memory lane. I graduated from high school in 1974. I have fond memories of listening to KQ4 at night with headphones doing homework.

I wrote many "all night" papers thanks in part to KQ4.

Hearing the station ID's again was great. I especially remember the reverb ones and the one with Faith and her daughter......it seems like only yesterday.

 Thanks again. Any idea where I can get an old KQIV t-shirt?

Greg Keller


Jeff Wilson - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 04 JUL 06)

I took some of my energy derived from KQIV with me to the University of
Oregon, where I worked for three years at the school's "fine arts" radio
station, KWAX-FM.

I did a lot of board shifts playing classical music...hosted an interview
show called "Talk of the Town", had musicians play live on the air and did
some late night shows--the late night/after midnight block was called
KWAX-II. I tried like mad to emulate KQIV... 8)

My only job as an announcer in commercial radio was a very short gig on KATR
in Eugene, sometime in spring 1976, playing easy listening music between 6
pm and sundown (gack). I volunteered at KBOO for a while and did a Spike
Jones tribute show there in 1980 or so--corresponded with Dr. Demento when I
did my research--he was very kind and lent me a manuscript of an article he
had written about S. Jones for a mag called "Wax Paper."

I worked as a salesman for KEED 1450 in Eugene for about 18 months. I was
an incredibly naïve 21 year old. Moved from there to an ad agency in
Portland...then to a cable TV firm...and that's where the excitement of the
media ended for me. I eventually got into the steel business.

The enclosed "then" pic (b/w) of me appeared in the 1975 UO "Oregana"

I get a HUGE kick out of this site.

Thanks so much.

Jeff Wilson


Jeff Wilson - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 26 JUN 05)

Larry? As in Larry SCOTT? Possessor of some amazing pipes? The man who introduced me to HORSLIPS?

I was an AVID KQIV listener from start to finish. I learned more about music and radio from KQIV DJs than any radio class I took in college--and I was CRUSHED when the station changed formats.

Regarding those who have passed on...I remember hearing years ago that Jim LaFawn had suffered a stroke. Can't remember if it was fatal at the time... (NOTE FROM LARRY SCOTT:  Yes, Jim LaFawn did pass away.)

KQIV went on the air just as I entered my senior year of high school (Jackson High, just northwest of the studio). I was editor of the school paper and thought it would be WAY cool to have KQIV as an advertiser. Jack Malone very kindly bought some ads. Not sure Mr. Kraus ever paid us, but so
it goes.

Very happy to find this site. Referred here by Joel Miller.

During KQIV's heyday, I frequently came up to the station to watch the DJs do their stuff. Jeff Clarke, Larry Scott, Jim LaFawn, Faith Landreth, Steve Spellerberg (he had at least one other last name during his KQIV gigs...he worked there at least two different times if memory serves), Joel Miller, Joe Collins...they were all very kind to a naïve kid who soaked up their every set and all their words like a sponge.

Thanks so much for promoting some GREAT radio memories.

Jeff Wilson
Age 49
Never did make it in radio
Still a radio groupie and radio wannabe
Portland area
Amateur Eric Clapton scholar


Greg Kirkpatrick - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 26 APR 05)


I was doing a search today for Portland radio, trying to find out what happened to KISN, when I ran across the KQ4 website.  I must say, this website is incredible.  I was a KVAN fan in the early B.A. days, and liked KINK, but there was still much to be desired when it came to sound quality and radio personality.  When KQIV was born, I instantly became one of "Quad's Children" during my senior year in high school.

You're right, Jeff Clarke was the driving force, but there were others.  Joe Collins turned me on to Hubert Laws, and jazz in general with his Sunday night "Jazz Horizons".  And speaking of Sunday night, there was an unforgettable one for me sometime in 74 (or could it be 75?) when you did a little "focus" on a band I never heard before.  You mention on the site your love for European music.  I have always had a special place in my heart for you, because you turned me into a huge Rare Bird fan.

I am glad to hear you are doing well.  And thank you again for the fantastic job you have done on this site.  The only thing that was obviously missing to me is the "where are they now" for Jeff.  I remember when he first came back to Portland in 1979, and started at KINK, which he stayed at for about 24 years.  After he left KQ4, he went to KVAN and became Fred Flak.  He was quite the character.  Much of his humor seemed to be influenced by W.C. Fields, who was my favorite comedian at that time.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Best regards,
Greg Kirkpatrick


Forsythe Blackwood - Emailed to KQ4 Website
(posted 25 FEB 05)

KUDOS on some great PDX radio history...and for helping to re-fuel my passion for Classic Rock and Roll!

I came across your "Rockin' In Quad" webpage a few months ago through a link on the Portland Radio Board.  Let me just say this:  after poking around the site for a very quick three and one-half hours last Christmas, I was purely amazed.

Having been born in 1984, I was not around to experience the KQIV phenomenon first-hand, although a neighbor down the street has a well-worn eight track tape he made of music off the station.  After hearing Airto Moreia's version of "Branches of the Rose Tree" on the tape, this inspired me to break into my dad's record archive and play his copy of Seeds On the Ground. (I agree with Joe Collins from the aircheck WMA.....it is a masterpiece!)

Having been born too late to experience non-voicetracked LOCAL radio, the tape and your Web Pages have really opened my eyes to what many kids like myself (I am 21) refer to as "Real Radio", as opposed to what we term "Prefab Radio" (referring to Clear Channel and voicetracking as a whole).  Sadly, the real radio seems to be becoming increasingly hard to find (especially in our market).

Again, I congratulate you on your endeavors and for helping to enlighten myself and everyone else I know and have referred to your page.  There are many obscure bits of radio history that sincerely deserve to be brought out of obscurity; their stories told to new generations who may otherwise never hear of them.  Their stories need to be told!

Keep up the superlatively great work!

Forsythe "Fox" Blackwood

(P.S. I wish KQIV was still on the air.......I can't STAND Lite Rock anymore!)


Ken Soesbe - Emailed to KQ4 Website
(posted 12 DEC 04)

Hi Team, what a great website! Just had a chance to look it over a bit.

Some say quad is dead, but nothing can be further from the truth. There is a large demand for vintage quad gear, and the stuff that's in good shape goes for high dollar.

I still listen to a discreet quad setup every day. The list is as follows: Sansui QRX 7500 with built-in CD-4 demodulator, 260 watts pumping to four 100-watt Sansui speakers one in each corner. It will knock your hat in the creek. I play my collection of quad vinyl on a Pioneer PL55DX direct-drive turntable with a discreet CD-4 cartridge.

I bought this stuff all new in the 70s and it's still going strong. People have no clue how good a properly set up quad system sounds. I listen to everything from Deep Purple to Joe Walsh in quad. "Rocky Mountain Way" sounds awesome!

Look forward to seeing more good stuff on the site.


Ken Soesbe

PS. If you ever want a demonstration give a call and bring some earplugs. I attached a picture of my receiver.

          for a larger view of Ken's receiver


Anonymous - Posted on KQ4 Blog
(posted 11 DEC 04)

It's all coming back now. KQ4 was "MY" station.

I was a loyal listener as were most of my friends at that time. This site has reminded me of names long buried in the passing of so many years. It is wonderful to hear the names once again. The folks at KQ4 were my friends though I never met any of them in person.

The strongest memory I have is the day I tuned in and the station had switched to a soul format. Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge Motown fan. James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Sam and Dave, Otis.... I could go on and on. But I remember the outrage, the confusion, the chagrin. "What the f*** happened to my KQ4?" It was truly like a part of me had been cut out.

I have not thought about KQ4 in a very long time but I saw the little spot in the paper today and had to check out this site. I'll be checking in from time to time to see what others recall about our old friend.

It's true. There is no friend like an old friend.



Nancy LaBonte - Email sent to Faith at KQ4 Website
(posted 10 DEC 04)

What a blast to find you again!

 Do you remember the local folk-rock band Road Sweet Road with Jay, Nancy, and Silky? We got to know you when we were playing the White Eagle.

You were an icon, woman and one great lady.

I'll check back from time to time. Those were the days.

Best Wishes,

Nancy LaBonte


Roger Hunter - Emailed to website
(posted 19 OCT 04)

Thanks for the web site.

I have a number of hours of air checks that I still treasure. Q4 was the station that all others are compared to.

Went to school in Portland in  72-74. and you made life  very enjoyable.  “It’s only money”  looped over and over are still great, and the segue of side 2 of “Abbey Road” up to the point of “she came in through the bathroom window” going into Joe Cocker’s version still amazes me. And I got it on tape.

Have Q4 posters up in my garage as a reminder – especially  “All Quad’s Childern Listen”.

A toast to the greatest,

Roger Hunter
Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Mike Welch - Emailed to Larry Scott
(posted 19 OCT 04)

Hello Larry:

I am amazed!!! Great friend Jeffery Clark sent me a link to your site.

GREAT to see this stuff again. My name is Mike Welch, (I'm sure you don't remember me), I was probably one of KQIV's biggest fans. Jeff and I became good friends,(and still keep in touch) as well as "Faith", and others.

Those were great days. Jeff seems to kinda "shrug it off." But I love the fact that you are producing this site. Somewhere I still have a shoebox full of cassettes, and I know there's some old air-checks of you, and Jeff in there. I would love to help.

I was so pumped at knowing you guys, I ended up majoring in Communications. I made it as far as "interning" at KGON, for Gloria Johnson, and PD (name removed).  Once I realized the industry was full of (name removed), I gave it up.

But you and Jeff had a huge impact in my life, and remember it like yesterday.  I will look for those tapes, and would love to offer any help.

Thanks for the memories.

Mike Welch


More memories to come as we get them.....



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