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Webmaster & KQ4 Jock / sometime
Music Dir.

Larry Scott


Spiritual Advisor, Historian & KQ4
Chief Engineer / Jock

J. R. Miller

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KQ4 Air Farce - (front, left to right) Joe Collins, Faith, Jeff Clarke
(back, left to right) Michael "The Crazy Greek" Sakellarides, Ed Hepp,
Larry Scott, Steve O'Shea, Norman Flint.


(from left to right)  Michael "The Crazy Greek" Sakellarides and his wife Barbara,
Jack Malone and Lynne
(then girlfriend, now wife),
(then wife, now ex-wife) and Larry Scott
Taken July 4, 1973 at the KQIV / Rainier Beer concert.


Larry Scott found the last-known "Rockin' in Quad" T-shirt at the bottom
of a closet on April 5, 2007.  You will notice that it almost fits.  (These shirts
tended to shrink around the waistline.)


Gerhard Meng, sometime Sales Manager (with poster) and
the late Jim LaFawn, sometime Program Director (with left hand raised).


Jack Malone, General Manager
and Faith, Jock


Photo taken in the boardroom at the old Elks lodge in downtown Lake Oswego, which provided just the right look. The Elks kept the old building for a time after they moved to their new lodge just out-of-town on Stafford Road.  The KQ4 studios were in that new building.  From left to right we have Bob McClanathan, Ed Hepp (standing, hidden), Fred Delahay (standing), John Wallace (seated), Susan Ross, Dick Jenkins, Ed Hepp (pasted-in because he was hidden at the left), Michael Johnson (???mark here), Walter J. M. Kraus, Joel "J.R." Miller, Steve Shannon, Jack Malone (standing), Jeff Clarke (seated), Ben Marsh (standing), Glen Adams and Michael Stroufe.



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