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       There's nothing like a bunch of old farts sitting around talking about the "Good Old Days" of radio.  And we are no exception.

       Below we will share some of the times when we get together.  Please feel free to comment on the gray hair and wrinkles.


Our first mini-reunion was on Saturday, December 11, 2004 at the Oak Tree Restaurant in Woodland, Washington.

This was just a dinner outing for the three of us who have been putting together this website -- Jack Malone, General Manager - Joel "J.R." Miller, Chief Engineer and Jock - Larry Scott, Jock and sometime Music Director.

We dragged our wives along to listen to us share "war stories" about KQ4 and would like to thank them for putting up with us for the evening.  No one got 86'd.

We are planning another get-together in the near future and will put out the word to all KQ4 staff.  And after that, maybe a bash including KQ4 listeners.  It would be a trip to get someone to bring their old quad system and a bunch of records to "rattle the walls" for the evening.  More on this as we put it together.


Joel "J.R." Miller - Larry Scott - Jack Malone

Joel "J.R." Miller - Larry Scott - Jack Malone



Web www.rockininquad.com

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