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          KQ4 was always in "promotion mode" and most of this was conceptualized and designed by Jack Malone, General Manager, with the help of some great graphic designers.  Here is a look at some of the print and non-print promotion tools KQ4 used.

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The premiere handout and print ad.


We raised a few eyebrows with this handout and print ad.


A familiar sight over Portland during the KQ4 days.  The airplane banner
was everywhere.  Note the use of "FM 107" - this was pre-digital
tuners, so close was good enough.


Two of the hottest promotional items were KQ4 T-shirts
and windbreakers.  Joel "J. R." Miller still has his
windbreaker and proudly models it for us.


Larry Scott:  "I always thought this was the ultimate handout
card and print ad.  It had that 70s revolutionary feel and it
was a direct shot at KINK who was automated at night
and on the weekends."


Handout card and print ad.


Handout card and print ad.


Handout card and print ad.


Handout card and print ad.


Generic "letter to" with KQ4 facts.


This letter thanked those who had entered the great KQ4 contest -
"$1.07 a week for life"!  This was really a slam on KISN and
other TOP 40 stations and their contest hype.


This was a "fact letter" in the early days of KQ4 - printed
on the terrible original letterhead.  I'd like to find the
person who came up with this color combo.


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