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          Studio information and pictures provided by Joel "J. R." Miller, Bob Ancheta and others.  Here is a quick look at some of the equipment used in the KQ4 studios and some "under construction" pictures.  We will add more as we can dig up the photos.  Be sure to check out the Xmitter & Tower page.

          You can click for a larger view of the photo where available.


Bethlehem Church, formerly Lake Oswego Elks Lodge #2263 and
the original home of KQIV.




KQIV studios under construction in the mezzanine at Lake Oswego Elks Lodge #2263.  LEFT - Looking up at the future on-air booth.  RIGHT - View of the production booth side.








KQIV studios under construction in the mezzanine at Lake Oswego Elks Lodge #2263.  LEFT - Office furniture was already in place as studio construction continued.  RIGHT - J.R. Miller is not a carpenter, but plays one as he mugs for this shot showing the partially installed sound deadening wallboard.


The KQIV main studio as midnight approaches.  Bob "The Big B.A." Ancheta
is at the controls.  This gives a little bit of a look at the Langevin
board (through the haze of an old photograph).  These were
the "good old days" -- notice ash tray to right of board.


Russco Cue-Master turntable with details of tone arm and RPM selector.


Electro-Voice RE15 Microphone.  Used with a large foam pop-shield (not shown).


International Tapetronics Corporation - ITC 3D - Triple-decker stereo cart machine.


In the on-air and production studios the "sound" gear looked like this...


A Marantz 120 tuner fed into...


A Sansui QS-1 Quadraphonic synthesizer fed into...


Two Marantz 32 power amps (2 amps x 2 channels = quad) fed into...


Four Advent speakers.  Probably the greatest monitors ever, but not
very good at handling power...a 100-watt peak could fry them...
therefore, the fairly low output power amps.


KQ4 "cans" of choice.  Koss PRO 4AA.  Response - an amazing 10-25,000 hz !!!
As heavy as a small car.  Sweaty ears were guaranteed because of the plastic cushions.
Still available for about $60.  Every jock brought their own "cans" but this model was the favorite.


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