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          KQ4 stationery happened in four phases.  The earliest had no call letters, just the company name.  Then, somebody designed "pink/purple" stationery...it finally went away.  Then we got into the KQ4 logo as most people remember it.  And, we have a of Super Soul letterhead used during the soul format days.

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Pre-KQIV stationery.


Original KQIV stationery.


Original KQIV envelope.


Original KQIV window envelope.


Original KQIV business card.


Second generation KQIV stationery.


Second generation KQIV business card (closed).  Very expensive
and tasteful die-cut with new logo.


Second generation KQIV business card (open).


Super Soul letterhead used after the format changed in mid-1974.
Honestly, the borders on the letterhead were drawn by hand
and most of the lettering was a "cut & paste" job from
the old stationery.  The crooked layout is exactly
they way it was!


Web www.rockininquad.com

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