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          Here's a look at some of the concerts KQ4 brought to the Portland area.

          Click to view at larger resolution.


KQ4's first free concert.  Brown Sugar plays at Mt. Tabor, May 20, 1973.
The park held 1,500 - Portland police said 5,000 were jammed in the
park and another 5,000 were turned away.  The cops dispatched
50 units to the scene and called it "the biggest traffic jam in
Portland history."
 There were no incidents!


KQ4's first free concert.  Overtime plays at Mt. Tabor, May 20, 1973.


Oregonian - May 21, 1973 - This was the day after the free concert at Mt. Tabor.
The Oregonian never even
mentioned KQ4.

A blurb in the progressive music
newsletter, The Walrus,
June 27, 1973 describing the
concert at Mt. Tabor.
Blurb written by
Larry Scott.



KQ4 and Rainier Beer concert at Delta Park, July 4, 1973.


The KQ4 Hot Air Balloon at the July 4, 1973 concert at Delta Park.
Since it was a "hot air" balloon some on the staff wanted to rename it the
"Walter J. M. Kraus" balloon, in honor of the owner.  That was never said to his face.


Jack Malone, General Manager,
in "concert manager" mode.


Handbill advertising the
July 4 concert.

Poster made from the
above photo.


WOW!  ZZ Top and Eric Burdon for Just $4.50.

Overtime at the Python Ballroom.

NOTE from J.R. Miller in December 2007...
The place really is the "Pythian Ballroom" so they either were
being funny or were drug-addled at the time
they designed the handbill!


The concert that NEVER happened.  We all remember the planning
and the handbill but can't remember why it never came off.

NOTE From J.R. Miller in December of 2007...Regarding
Summer Festival 73, ("The concert that NEVER happened.
We all remember the planning and the handbill but can't remember
why it never came off."), as the following link shows, the concert
DID happen!!! I know we weren't there, and we don't remember it,
but it happened! Maybe KQ4 dropped-out?  


The Sons of Champlin at "D Street".  Notice the spelling error.
The name was NOT "Chaplin" but Champlin.  (Sorry, this
image is as large as it gets.)

Yes, we actually put on a concert at the Oregon State Penitentiary.



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