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          We have finally dug up some airchex for you.  But, there are only a few, at the moment.  We have cleaned up the quality as best we can...these were recorded off the air with the audio equipment available at the time...and many have been copied and re-copied so we have lost many generations of quality.  Audio is generally acceptable except where indicated by poor quality note.

          The airchex will be in four sections.  First will be KQ4 station IDs.  Second will be the jocks listed alphabetically.  Third will be spots and promos.  And, fourth is news.

          Airchex are provided in wma format.


             1 - Station IDs     All we could find

            2 - Jock Airchex      Jeff Clarke     Joe Collins     Gloria     Mike Sakellarides     Larry Scott

            3 - Spots and Promos    Joni Mitchell concert     Genesis/Music Millennium     BTO at PSU concert     REO Speedwagon

                                                          St. Johns Camera     Blitz Weinhard     Longhair Music     KQ4/Music Millennium

                                           Music Millennium Jazz

            4 - News     NBC Radio Network news - late January 1973 - Vietnam Peace Accord & LBJ's death


          STATION IDS


After 30 years some of these wear well, and some don't.  The only thing I can add to that is that they are a reflection of the times.  You will notice that Jeff Clarke was the creative force at KQ4 and the rest of us just fell in behind.

If I have goofed on IDing the voices...let me know so I can correct it...30 years is a long time.

Special thanks here to Roger Hunter who found this site (on Google from his home in Arkansas) and sent me ALL of these IDs and a bunch of other airchex.  Roger, you're a prince!  And, the quality is still pretty good after 30 years and lots of cassette dubs.

1...This was one of my favorite IDs..."Listen to Either End."  Produced by Jeff Clarke...and his sense of the strange comes right through.  The well-used copy of the Stones has a big vinyl "pop" in the left channel at the fade.

wma     (00:23 - 384kb)

2...This is Michael "The Crazy Greek" Sakellarides with "Everything We Do is Music."

wma     (00:07 - 139kb)

3..."Buddy, Pull Over" I never did understand.  Too strange for me?  But the listeners loved it.  Jeff Clarke produced.

wma     (00:35 - 559kb)

4...Many of you may remember Jeff Clarke's "Acme Nose Funnel Serenade", brought to you by the Acme Manufacturing Company, purveyors of fine nose funnels, lip straighteners and other petroleum distillates.  The man was very strange.  This is the KQ4 ID based on that theme.  Notice the reference to Brute Flunkmeyer, a shot at Bruce Funkhouser who, at that time, was the Program Director at KINK.  We all called KINK the Muzak of Portland radio.  What's funny here is that Bruce Funkhouser went on to become a VP at Muzak..."Funkhouser enhanced and expanded the company's offerings from two music channels being delivered to 100,000 businesses in 1987, to delivering over 66 music channels via satellite to over 200,000 businesses as well as to 1,000,000 consumers in their homes in 1997."  Job well done, Bruce!

wma     (00:26 - 436kb)

5...This is me doing a "Talking Computer" ID.  It didn't work then, either.

wma     (00:30 - 495kb)

6..."FM Over Here" is another Jeff Clarke bizarro ID.

wma     (00:25 - 407kb)

7...Jeff Clarke again with the "All American" ID...a shot at other formats.

wma     (00:23 - 384kb)

8...Ed Hepp did this ID.  Ed was also know as Ed Mitchell in his KFRC days.  This is the "Reverse Reverb" ID.  It was a popular effect...record your sound...turn the tape over and play it backwards while applying reverb...and you have "reverse reverb" or "pre-reverb"...very "heavy" in that day.

wma     (00:18 - 314kb)

9 & 10...This is me doing another angle on the "Reverse Reverb" IDs.

long version     wma     (00:29 - 483kb)
short version     wma     (00:14 - 250kb)

11...It's him...Jeff Clarke with the "Hi-Fi Ha Ha" ID.  The was obviously produced under the influence of.....

wma     (00:18 - 314kb)

12, 13 & 14...These are straight voice IDs done by Michael "The Crazy Greek" Sakellarides.  There are three of them on the track.

wma     (00:09 - 156kb)

15...The question was, "How Can You Be In Two Places At Once....." and we came up with the answer.  Jeff Clarke intro with me doing the singing.

wma     (00:12 - 215kb)

16..."Not Insane" was another favorite.  Jeff Clarke strikes again.

wma     (00:16 - 267kb)

17...This is me doing "Over There, Over Here."

wma     (00:08 - 156kb)

18...Jeff Clarke does "Whatever It Is" with a nice shot at the Elks Lodge.

wma     (00:21 - 355kb)

19...This got lots of airplay.  It's Faith and child"It's A Mother."

wma     (00:23 - 384kb)

20...Me again with "Experienced."  I have no idea what the fx at the beginning is or why it was there.

wma     (00:30 - 489kb)

21...This is the famous "La Bella Donna" from Jeff Clarke.  This was a clever way to suggest to the listeners that the ratings were on and we wanted them to write down KQIV...but we couldn't come right out and say it.  Jeff figured out how to do it.  And, KINK complained to ARB about this ID, saying it crossed the line.   ARB didn't buy into that argument.  KINK also complained about our slogan, "Absolutely Live, 24-Hours a Day" because they were automated more than they were live.  Nobody listened to that complaint, either.

wma     (00:48 - 781kb)


          JOCK AIRCHEX

1973  Jeff Clarke coming out of Pink Floyd and going into the Strawbs.  This was his daily sign-off...check out the "heavy" production surrounding this whole event.

wma     (1:22 - 1.28mb)

Jeff Clarke
- 1973-74?  Jeff coming out of another Pink Floyd with a back-announce and then a PSA for a little theatre group he knew nothing about...almost went to sleep during the read.

wma     (1:19 - 1.24mb)

Jeff Clarke - July 10, 1973.  Jeff had just played Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" and mixed in the instrumental portion of Sly Stone's "Sex Machine" so seamlessly it sounded like one 12-minute jam!  Jeff at his best.  Note Jeff's reference to the "KQ4est"...there was lot's of that stuff..."KQ4heads"..."KQ4skins"...and so on.  And the rap coming out of the music was Jeff at his laid-back best. (poor quality)

wma     (00:50 - 810kb)

Roger Hunter, who provided many of the airchex on this page, calls this the "The World's Greatest Segue"...and there's no argument.  So...how do you get from the Beatles to Joe CockerJeff Clarke knew how.  Remember, this was doing without editing, nothing digital, just a couple of records on turntables and it happened live.  You won't hear Jeff's voice...just music.

wma     (00:37 - 605kb)

Joe Collins.  1973   This is a stopset from Joe with a promo in the middle.  The promo is for the airing of a concert we promoted at the Oregon State Pen...voice on the promo is Norman Flint.

wma     (2:13 - 2.05mb)

Where is Joe now?

Foghat was in town and dropped by the studio for a chat with Gloria.  1973-74?

wma     (02:09 - 1.99mb)

1973-74?.  Gloria doing a stopset coming out of Golden Earring's "Radar Love."

wma     (00:19 - 320kb)

Michael "The Crazy Greek" Sakellarides - July 10, 1973.  Mike comes out of a Beatles cut and rambles on in his usual mellow, comfortable style. (poor quality)

wma     (2:08 - 1.99mb)

Where is Mike now?

One year old - KQ4's first birthday was on September 15, 1973 at 10:15pm.  Larry Scott was on the air.  This has been scoped to take out the ENDLESS list of sponsors the poor guy was required to read. (poor quality)

wma     (2.45 - 2.56mb)

Larry Scott memories page
          Where is Larry now?



You will notice that spots and promos are "close to" :30 and :60.  I think we may have had a problem
           with the clocks in the studios.  Or, maybe we just didn't care.

Michael "The Crazy Greek" Sakellarides with a :30 for a Joni Mitchell
concert.  1974

wma     (00:30 - 495kb)

A :30 for the Genesis album "Selling England by the Pound"Music
with Charisma Records co-op.  Larry Scott.  1973-74??

wma     (00:30 - 506kb)

Here's a :30, more or less,  for a BTO concert at PSU with Jeff Clarke.  1974?

wma     (00:33 - 559kb)

Here's a :60 for REO Speedwagon/Epic Records with Jeff Clarke.  1974?

wma     (00:57 - 932kb)


This is Jeff Clarke with a :60 for St. Johns Camera with Canon co-op.  Notice mention of KQ4 calendar give-away.  Circa 1974.

wma     (1:02 - 970kb)

Here's a Blitz Weinhard Beer :60 spot - July 10, 1973. (poor quality)

wma     (1:10 - 1.11mb)


Here's Larry Scott in 1973 with a :60 for Longhair Music, one of those great record stores for which Portland was known.  And, really, the price for a record was $3.29.  The "What" and "Doo-dahing" at the end of the spot is Jeff Clarke on the air as he played the spot...just adding to the general KQ4 ambience.

wma     (1:01 - 997kb)

This is a :30 promo for the "KQ4 Feature" - sponsored by Music Millennium - aired July 10, 1973.  The featured album is Jethro Tull's "Passion Play."  The announcer is Joe Collins. (poor quality)

wma     (00:39 - 646kb)

Larry Scott with a :60 (kinda) for the new, improved jazz section at Music Millennium.  The copy was written by MM owner, Don MacLeodDon wrote almost all of his own copy...he had an image he wanted to project and protect.  And, he had final approval on ALL spots and promos before they aired.  1973

wma     (1:06 - 1.04mb)



NBC Radio Network newscast from late January 1973.  We hear about the
Vietnam Peace Accord and our POWs coming home, and LBJ had just died
of a heart attack.  Included are two spots:  1973 Ford Torino and Alka-Seltzer.

wma     (5:25 - 5.00mb)





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