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This is the original KQ4 poster.

To view at larger size click here.

       Restoration and notes by Larry Scott:

       This is the first of the restored KQ4 posters and artwork.  If you see "hash" or "pixelated" lines on your screen you may want to view it at larger size.

       The challenge with restoring this 18" x 24" poster was the silver paper on which it was printed.  Metallic colors do not take well to digitizing and the inkjet printing process.  So, you will notice that the silver areas on the poster are heavily textured to give a metallic effect.  All other colors are smooth.

       If you decide to download and print any of the files you should use an inkjet printer with a true print quality of 1200dpi that is optimized to 2400dpi or, preferably, 4800dpi.  Also, use an extremely high-gloss paper as this will enhance to digitized "metallic look" of the silver portions of the poster.

       All files for download are in 12Q Optimized JPEG at 300dpi using the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile which is easily "understood" by all printer drivers.  If you would like the file for this poster in another size, including full-size, or another file structure such as PSD or TIFF or any other, just email me and I will get it to you.

       DOWNLOAD:  "right click" link and choose "save target as" to assign file to a folder.

       For a poster that will fit on a standard 8.5" x 11" print page use this file.  The poster size is 7.5" x 10".  File size is 3.42mb.  ("right click" and "save target as")




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