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Bob "The Big B.A." Ancheta
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(posted 04 DEC 04)

1-Beginnings     2-Strange Visitors
3-Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll     4-Now


          KQIV was the second radio station I had the pleasure of being a part of.  The first was KVAN 1480, also a progressive rock station that played religious programming in the morning and then rock, blues and jazz until sunset. I left KVAN in 1973 and went to work part-time at KQIV, eventually ending up doing the all night show weekdays.

          KQIV was the next logical step for me because I wanted to be on a FM station that played rock. When I first arrived, the Elks were there but soon closed down and left us all by ourselves. This opened the door for all kinds of illegal fun and frolic, especially late at night. I remember Jim Lafawn arriving to relieve me at 6am and I’d have 2 or 3 people with me and he acted like it was just part of what radio was back then. I recall Jim telling me once to play some of those albums that were recorded in Quad, because the sales people were having a remote somewhere and wanted to show off what stereo times two sounded like.

          I didn't run into Walter Kraus much, but I do remember his signature on our checks, one straight line.

          The lineup in those days was Jim Lafawn mornings, Mike Sakellarides mid-days, Gloria afternoons, Larry Scott at night and me doing the all nighter.  I also was the stage manager at The Paramount Theatre during this time and quite often worked a concert and then drove down Highway 43 to get to work by midnight.

          I remember the intercom at the front door of the Elks Lodge where some very strange people arrived late at night to hang out and share whatever they had in their pockets. I also had the pleasure of having an escaped convict arrive and me calling the police. He was arrested and sent back to prison.

          It was sex, drugs and rock and roll to the full extent at KQIV. It was me saving Gloria’s life one day, when we were at a pool party at Mike’s, after Gloria jumped in and sank to the bottom of the pool.  It was waiting for Larry Scott to say, “If you can’t do your best, do the best you can” at the end of his show. It was putting on a long cut to go to the bathroom down the spiral stairs and coming back to a record skipping for 15 minutes.  Funny thing, nobody noticed. Listeners came to expect that from us. Quicksilver Messenger Service’s “Who Do You Love (Part One)” worked great for this. It was coming into the studio and seeing Jeff Clarke with his scales out weighing something. It was Roy Jay showing up one day to announce the station was going to a soul format and him taking out his gun and shooting it into the floor. It was times like that I would never trade for anything.

          If only DJ’s in today’s world could have experienced what we did.

          After KQIV’s rock format ended, I went back to KVAN and later spent 18 years at KGON. When consolidation happened, it eventually took me out of the business.

          I decided to start a voice-over business called Internetjock.com in 1998. I now have over 70 people working for me around the world. I managed to stay in radio part-time and get to do the “Sunday Night Blues” show on KINK FM 102. It may be hard to believe, but I get to do this show my way with no computer telling me what to play. It’s done the old-fashioned way.  Play things that feel good and go together. Imagine that!


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