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(posted 22 FEB 05)


       When I first joined the station, I was doing 6-10pm Monday through Saturday.

       Being located in the upstairs portion of the Elks Lodge in Lake Oswego, I learned firsthand that the insulation and soundproofing was at best...practically non-existent.  The Elks would have at least a couple of functions each month on Saturday nights that would feature lots of food, drink, and a "live" band that would play the likes of Lawrence Welk, Glenn Miller and Guy Lombardo, while I was upstairs looking through the huge picture window that overlooked the ballroom and bar.  I'm up there playing The Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Little Feat and James Brown while all this straight-people music is filtering through my open mike every time I took a break from the music to talk and play a few commercials.

       To make matters worse, being it was 1973 and the fuel that made KQIV "run" was lots of marijuana...I'm upstairs doing my show in an "altered" state while downstairs in the grand ballroom is the sheriff and several of his deputies and their wives at this "Elks Function."

       Today, in complete sobriety, I can chuckle at the thought, but at the time I had to cover my ass...so as not to let anyone downstairs know there was one of those "hippie freaks" upstairs playing "the Devil's music" and smoking "the Devil's weed."

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